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tv   [untitled]    October 15, 2010 11:30pm-12:00am PST

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here's a picture of the building as it stands today. as you can see at the very top the corners -- the cornerstone has been removed, it was removed in 1952. the ground floor store front was also removed as you can see in some of these pictures here. the ground floor store front was removed replaced with aluminum store front windows and red shingles and some decorative awnings for the retail and signage. also the store front at the very corner of market and seventh, you can see here was stepped back if the actual street facade. the main entry to the building was also altered, it was covered over with stucco. the wood store front was also
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removed and replaced with an aluminum store front. our proposed project is really to rehabilitate the 1095 market building back to its original luster and integrity, using a sensitive approach compliant with the secretary of the interior standards. with eplan to use high quality materials that are in keeping with the nature of the historic building. as you can see it sustained significant damage in an earthquake. we will updatetózóvróy?y ñ3ózïs.tet=?t?y9
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cat eat ew of wntown, we wte to i of catali tt e tt lae for the reets in t hotel you look t te roof terrce the cornice ei wee tal t looe tt from te exterior it doe me iile imct o te extieror of te ilinfrom t m treet of mt, eet th concles o reetation on t project wee open to qetiono >> t you ear cr joe oel, jo olte >> gooeei reie
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el, fellow coiiors over a year o i i little walk ort of ret wrote out e otel reort throwalkinthese loc i encoterejor otel que te otel otel coeres jt wli te loieto gter cotct informioope out te loopert even tod i w cole of proerties o elli tlor post t were otel l i t tis o of t most efficie rt of th little oui' ee ta a look t oer te t cole of er ti i e oticein these exiti otel were crowr reft lo mtile eole i of hoverinor witi for ed coter, rrow
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rwells, oken win oe oken lig fixtures overl, not oiti enroent. th t mre w i thinthis project i ecery eirle we nee to ttrct etitio for we ee ttrcti inio for o viiti toists we he fcilit in a ee reilitio the roject is trit frien wit pri it i iqe we would like to see ti oject roe >> t you >> hi e i icel lt i te exectie rector for te lliae for tter rict six or ortion itral o tis oject i'll tell wh one of t concern we e is is tt cole of er o otr otel o
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elli reet aed for liqor licee. wee t re weter or not there'into e oe ort of itclu of oe i i the rera re or where el uon top cae once o roe tis oject we don ow wt will t fe of it once ili wt oi to hthereafter we like the oi rt we e there'ee for ltile of hou t were ot en o ixi cohol wit te ceter te eoe e r the e of 2 t cotrol of lcohol or mcocer ite corol of t alcohol, rit xt to rt ttio rit xt to were i we t cit oe of teir curity cer ote o e iio there' a reo for it cae of t violee th tae on tt corer
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there'lot of cocer we fetwie crretl if loo t or ictre cket yoll ee crretly tt ite ll te ro floor is boare wic e it a ver eetria for te two er for o ti tie e te te roerty they strted bori te ou floor, whicet it fe for eetria net i o te editorial oard of cetrl city extr retl or officee there well e evicte theye evict orofits o of this ili whici it ot ee cot effective for te orofit coit hinto relocte their es otie of te ea ju lie cit ll t oe tie offices i it we the
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cothou ot l tee iffere officeto fferent rt ot of t core of te city city oere cae city hl ture into more of a e w cocer ere i the fet eleet wt will -wt will oce this oject i roe we do loe te ie of the i pt. it jt qetion ot wt el will en tre oe it aroe th >> t you >> hi e i icel, i t the itertion el at ret eet wh would hif we reoed all t boarded u ildin orket treet wh if the ra ili enth a mt cae interniol el witcafe r? ome of t itertion trelereaeni co or tir or fort
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la, th will me e of ulook b we we ol eaone. wh if the errill rtore xt door ca a wlree wh if the tr teter ca a oerti teter wh if od ecied to thinwit te ct lot cces iees wol e openin a dow ret reet, where wol we e in peoe wo w o the walk goi to wor op at ores, into e, art llerie ople woul e rii ow rket street ju to e wt wntown loo lie we rely wt to retr rket street to wt it ue to be? i thint. t of the er of ri into other peoe on t walkof mt reet thinof hinto wt in lie to get io or forite rera or e oe or tcluwhere wol te prs go? they he to finw coitin wch to ll their wre er ee
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t in et ell te there. th loi to of llrs for brt we c ill ffor to e rket treet io oter ch elee wt o we wt to ecoe oter ri i thinour ol ol e li rginia cit e ot town re ret treet would ruin a pro frcisco tritio s fraiscoia fleeinto t s rket street co wt we c all ritflly be ro of a torit tr torists witonly a i he for eertio ee ca ithe l of ret, tre twee fifteith treet looi esratelfor sigof ciilition if we t reti tee il tt will be the en of t torit tr te wh will they e to write
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aot we ould p u te t fift eit cre io 4 to get ito wt we it call cri le l i o oit ote o ti oject. >> good eei coiors i cat to tt t cocer is or owtow in street, wic i ret reet, is not goi to coe ck it not goi to coe c cae it not j frcio, it in street of te etroolita citie in te ited es talked at t feer il next or wic i the ot office ok is -
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foc i te lirr this ithe reoe to the office, tt wac in 1 ck te i w eli with l the ises oret a everin i he orof eli witthis eirod a also rechin cae i too of reercin tt ook th ithe liot w we lost i treet w wee lo it it w bec of teri rt the i lie we wot t it c i loo t w ret reet wont co c ec of t i rroin te in street re e i ot es th w 2eo we till t e ion w, t project. the oject wato coert office bil
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io in i' it tt ec ri w were i ecooic wnturn a we lre e 20lu otelcitwie th are alrea ei rutilized a he wt to it i the ti over - lot of ore roomfor eole to coe to or city i'coer ot we re - toe re rutiliwe wt to ore to the to frcio. te te ie of ow ti is - for te roject i re oi to e two coitiol es e i for.
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i t thinth oprie. i thinwt ould go i te reof te ili t ot the two coitiol e thry m >> t you ck you elien ro ee latory >> goo eei coiioer i're o elf of lor 261, a te lu eer we repre i're to ea i for of this project, o to ove it for te oprtitieof job lceet job creio for or er th you >> t you >> gooeei coiioner ne i
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e elee i rector of ectio a emoy at lri ot rvices a i rereentin t only m ror wch will wor cloly wit te oject t t ac we srt toject. w the eole th wol wor er ertment wo iter interniplein ot itality a how tt ticular fiel itry workte o ople wo leri b wereer their intere w i te el, they wol e tly interactinwith tff to ler ills tt wol el te eventuly oefll to e hired o flltie tff t hostel or cotie teir career iitit we woo te trii the cae i te ctl eration
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for te to e reto e i ti etti two be ere. they would actly - t wo goi tre to ler joill to e trie to interned we be ei 21rld two be tere to e in a if th ee there wol e ctl te wolo tir iteri wootr roce we woult e lcio ople tt we jt et they would be trie te emoent tff a eloe r who is woricloel with simo joton te joon fil ee er interti a orti of larkin street t erices thro t years a i wt to reiterte we ort ti ogra th >> t you >> gooteroo, e i ro
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ee when i heard tt io wol a roofto terrce i tot e ill o a eli roofto terre ros te treet e w it wor ot i li troject rit w we he jor ises aroth corer of rket, we cec ci e the oblewit proert o te corner wh simon itr to o for the coitelf everodel i to rise rely nice roject i te area th goi to retin itlf ed to tae oe te t ti, i er eole tri talk a tri to reitli rrills a te et tore front, t oeo to te the first ep i'll urge to ort ti oject. th >> ithere tion plic coent on titem
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>> creter locl 22 i thinit a goo ie o od a i mea w ot wht el would o t tere th areee iroee recely it w cit lce w thi it ret ide we a eeloer tt wt to steforw do thinlp te rea i loo for or ro o this project. th >> i tere itiol lic coent on t ite if not lic coet i closed i'tul oewt fali with t il ol eo it w t fir loctioof the i ctio colition officewe i cire th orio years o te fct tt te ili is ieat e of reir i wh
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of erttement. in ooitioto oe of t teimonwee ju er i ti ret treet i co b i ti we t co here t te coison aotr es fore tt it cominc one oc t tie tt quite l rit. we si t wit cit lce it trtito mo i thin tere ee lot of rech tt oe ito te coe of the otel ie en te eoc reerc i' seeoe of the ecoomic rech, thou i certil t exert i te tality iry, it loo li te e do teir ro wor to ee weter or not it tuly ecil ot i'ry leawit te or wit lri street th i excellet
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ortio i' h t ce to interfe with a coule of tiover the er te ie of iterip wori rectly wit te efiitel work this irie loction i , for otel. it icit ceter it h rt it h misio ret trt, it exctl were o wo wisto lce oeti if you tooloo t cit or took loo t te trit tuio e talkinof ccers a rle o treler who ot coe i teir ow trt le tere rh o otorccle or t this iexctl wt theye fter the rae of ifferet te of room ccootion i lo thinloo er well tot out.
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it ifferet fro wt i excted wi r otel i leed wit tt the cocet of eet cl trfly, if o goe c oricly certinl fro the 192 i frcico clu ot of rket beet cl ot of rket were l oer te lce they wet tro roiition exited fterwr certinto t 1 1970 there till e oe i t filiar with te re t the et. they wor they oltel wor it ti ro c t like this toeter, te care of itoric ili well, i wa lee wit te letter from s frcico chitectural rita i' er ffirti of ti >> i t
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ti i a excelle exe of ti ree when i loo ow rket reet, i la t fct tt we hen recrely wor cit e, i vote for it t tt we are o ow rter t reinome of tee il we're eoliin them a bldintee colexe it alwce to ee tt il iei reer a the er youe in it i thin i rell ireive. ri te eer igorodon i wa w ee te fct th we co do re to tr to ecore th ort of loent on16th treet i waju wli lo tere lat weetwee ot a br tere oe tiful ili wa lc enou to i ee i thout wh a lo if we lot of those ili ece
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they jt t te lie th are i to ee tt te il iin to e eser te wa it into be eerved certi te rterip with lri treet i o ow imrtt o tt the thinth a little
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it chleinwhen you loo these tyof roject bece it w ative coit there. it w prettrt. there were active e o ow, with t orofits tu, it wt like it w waee. ttinca wit o tity th bei
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